Ajuy, Fuerteventura

Ajuy is a small village on the West coast of Fuerteventura. It is less than a twenty minute drive from Pajara, most of the drive is along the valley which has Ajuy at its mouth.

The beach at Ajuy is attractive, though covered with black sand. A couple of the few restaurants in the village are on or close to the beach.They specialise in seafood but there are other options.

The village is probably most visited because of the caves that are to be found a short walk from the town. The path to the caves is to be found at the northern end of the beach, and leads past the hut that has been built into the rock face.

The views from the path are quite impressive, as the coast in this area consists mainly of cliffs.

The caves are quite impressive, and can be entered via a series of steps that have to be navigated with care. We are not sure that it is sensible to enter the caves without some sort of protective head gear that a speliologist would wear as a matter of course.

Ajuy cave

view from the cave

Going down into the cave, and the view from inside.

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The town of Ajuy

The town of Ajuy.

Ajuy Beach

Ajuy's black beach.

walkway to the cave

Walkway to the cave

Abandoned hut

An abandoned hut in the rock face

View to where the American Star broke up

View to where the American Star broke up

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