The American Star has now sunk into history

The SS America was launched by Eleanor Roosevelt on August 31, 1939, However, due to World War II, the inaugural trip was cancelled and the ship was drafted into war service. It was sucessful in evacuating around 483,000 soldiers.

After the war, the ship was returned to its owners and restored to its original luxurious condition and on December 14, 1946 she made her true maiden voyage. From 1946 to 1964 the ship crossed the Atlantic Ocean man times, until commercial aircraft flights began to displace cruise ships. In 1964, it was decommissioned.

A Greek shipping company acquired her in October 1964 and renamed her the SS Australis. She was modernized, and put into service to transport imigrants and tourists. In this new stage, she had a capacity for 2,300 passengers. She was then later sold and renamed again but due to lack of maintenance and her age she became unusable.

In 1993 she was bought by a Thai ship owner for two million dollars with plans to convert her into floating luxury hotel in Bangkok and she was again renamed the American She was to be taken there in tow by a Ukrainian tugboat.

During a major storm on January 15, 1994 in the Canary Islands the tugboat had to cut the towing cable and the American Star drifted towards Playa Garcey, and was broken in two by the strength of the conditions.

In July that year it was declared a total loss and the ship became the victim of looting by locals. Many of the fixtures and fittings ended up in a a bar in Puerto del Rosario named the Naufragio (shipwreck).The wreck then became a real attraction despite the difficulty in getting to the beach. People have swept out to sea and drowned in an attempt to get to the ship, as although it looked close to shore the currents there can be very strong.

After spliting in two, the stern sank into the ocean. The forward half, remained and was known as a ghost ship. There is now nothing left of the wreck.

Final hours, American Star
Final hours, American Star


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Wreck of the American Star
The wreck of the American Star

American Star Nov 2005
American Star Nov 2005

American Star, Playa de Garcey
American Star, Playa de Garcey

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