Things to do in Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura

The beach

The beach at Caleta de Fuste covers a large area. If you are going sunbathing remember to take sun block and sun cream. If a cooling breeze is blowing, it deceives some people into thinking the sun is not very strong. There are further beaches toward the Atlantico shopping centre.

The gentle slope into the water means that it is shallow for the first few metres. The sea here is also sheltered from the prevailing wind and therefore tends to be flat, with no dangerous currents close to the shore. The area nearest the shore is cordoned off, so that bathers are not at risk of accidents with windsurfers etc. You will also find a kiddies play area, toilets and a beach bar. There is an area for beach sports too.

Snorkelling is fun, as the clear waters allow you too see the fish easily.The best places are close to the rocks

The harbour area

In the harbour area, there are more fish to be seen, and them being fed with bread is a common sight. There is a kiosk at the harbour for booking a trip on the Oceaniarium Explorer - a yellow submarine with an underwater viewing area, a training sealion experience and a fishing trip.

For those of you with a more active bent, it is possible to go windsurfing, jet skiing, or scuba diving or hire a pedaloe,´a motorised ´whale´ or a canoe


For those of you that like to fish, there is plenty of opportunity around the rocks in Caleta. You can buy all you need from Aram at Gone Fishing. If you fancy a deep sea fishing trip then again he is the one to contact.

Cycling and motorbiking,

There are lots of cycle tracks around the area that have been made over the last few years so getting about is easy. The roads are also good for those who enjoy using a motorbike to get around. You can hire Cycles and motorbikes through the links.


An easy pleasant stroll north from Caleta, along an attractive coastal path, takes you to Costa Antugua. The path is populated by Ground Squirrels, known here as chipmunks. These will come up to you to be hand fed. When the tide is out the rock pools are worth a look. If you continue up to the old water-park and then go left you will arrive at Costa Antigua, where you will find a selection of bars and restaurants.

If you walk south from Caleta, along the coast, you will reach the Atlantico shopping centre after about 20 minutes. A further 30 minutes will take you to Las Salinas, where there is a nice restaurant. The walk to there is not over a paved path, but it is not at all difficult. You can catch the bus back from here if you like.

The views from Chipmunk mountain make it worthwhile walking up the hill. This is a little more strenuous than the other two walks, but again is not difficult. The mini train can also be used to take you up the mountain. Note it is not really a mountain, just a large hill

Atlantico Centre and other shopping

In the Atlantico centre, you can find the largest supermarket in Caleta de Fuste. There is also a cinema, showing films in Spanish, an amusement arcade with a bowling alley, several restaurants and some designer shops.

Most of the other shops are found in the central area of Caleta, either on the main street or in the White Centre next to the Barcelo Hotel and town centre car park. There is a very good little shop called Miles Away that sells books etc

Windsurfing in Caleta

Windsurfing in Caleta


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Caleta beach
Caleta de Fuste beach

The port at Caleta de Fuste
The harbour at Caleta

Rockpool near Caleta de Fuste
Rockpool on the beach

Path to Costa Antigua
Path to Costa Antigua

Las Salinas salt pans
Las Salinas salt pans


Atlantico Centre
Atlantico Centre

Chilling in Caleta
Chilling in Caleta

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