Cofete, Fuerteventura

Cofete is located on the Barlovento (windward) coast of Jandia. To get there you have to travel over 20 kilometres of track, that only allows for single file traffic in some places. Some of these places have steep drops to the side, amd the journey is best done in a jeep or four wheel drive vehicle.

Having said that some of the views are magnificent, and Cofete beach is about 5 kilometres in length, and is also one of the wider beaches on the island. This makes it a worthwhile trip, if you are looking to appreciate the space that Fuerteventura has to offer.

To reach Cofete, you must take the road from Morro Jable. This road is signposted to Cofete, and turns into a track after a couple of kilometres. After about 10 kilometres, there is a fork in the road, and a car park and road sign, and you need to turn right. The track winds up and over the hills and one of the best views on the island is to be had just before you begin the descent. There is a viewing platform there.

One interesting feature of the decent, is the abundance of one particular species of cactus (cacti standyupiie, you can see we are not botanists!), which we haven't seen growing anywhere else, certainly not in the same abundance.

As we drove down the descent, we noticed a group on intrepid cyclists heading the other way, so we pulled into a passing place so that we could take their photographs. The lead rider said something friendly in German. Most of the tourists down here are German, and all the football flags in the bar at Cofete are for German teams.

If you do go in a car, you would be as well parking at the restaurant, the short length of track between there and the beach is particularly bumpy.

There are a couple of things of interest, as well as the beach. There is a cemetery (we are working on the significance of the cemetery). Villa Winter, which originally belonged to a mysterious German named Gustav Winter. There are all kinds of rumours about this gentleman. He is rumoured to have had links with General Franco, the German wartime leaders, and a secret submarine base. It would have certainly suited Greta Garbo to live in the villa.

The villa has Mount Jandia, the highest point on the island, as an impressive backdrop. One of the reasons that Fuerteventura is drier than Tenerife and Gran Canaria, is that only mountains above 800 metres will cause precipitation. Mount Jandia is the only peak above 800 metres on the island. The changing cloud formation around Mount Jandia means that the scenery is contantly changing as the quality of the light is affected by clouds.

Mount Jandia.

Mount Jandia and Villa Winter


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Road to Cofete

This is the track you have to go up

View towards Cofete

View towards Cofete from the hightest point on the track

Cyclists, Fuerteventura

Cyclists, Fuerteventura

Villa Winter Fuerteventura

Villa Winter, Cofete

Cactus on Fuerteventura

Cactus Standy Uppy

The cemetery, Cofete.

The cemetery at Cofete.

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