Information about Corralejo for tourists and residents.

When planning your holiday in Corralejo you will obviously want to know what is available here. In order that you can find what you need to know here is a breakdown of the information that we currently have, but we update all the time.

The first thing you may be looking for is some accommodation, we can put you in touch with people who have apartments and villas for rent all over the island. We have information on getting about the island, including car hire , tours that you can take, and bus timetables .

As well as general information on Corralejo , we have information on things to do in Corralejo, such as the harbour and beach activities, shopping, amusements and touring.

For those of you that like a more active life, or those that like water sports, may we suggest you visit our Watersports page , or general sports page. CD Corralejo football team play home games in the resort, and in November the La Oliva car rally takes place. (The car rally 2005 began in Corralejo).

General information on the island can be found on the island page , including birdlife animals , flora and windmills , which are all over the island.

Restaurants and bars and also cafes in Corralejo, are listed, with contact details, and to find them, or to find your way around, you may want to look at the maps page .

The forthcoming events page will tell you what events are planned. We have photographs of Corralejo Carnaval and the events and fiestas page will give you information on what is or has been happening on the island. We have photographs of burning or burial of the sardine . Clicking the news page will give you up to date information on news items of interest. You will certainly want to check the weather .

Some of you might be planning to buy property or have already bought. We have information on property for sale and also have a developments page where you can see how your property is coming along.

Also on the top right side of our pages, you will find our sponsors. Please visit both their pages and their establishments when you can and mention our name. This will help us continue to make the site grow.

If the information that you require is not here, please email us and we will try to find out for you, as we are keen to provide a good service for visitors to our site.


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