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If you are thinking of moving to Fuerteventura to set up a new life then you will need somewhere to live. Buying a property is one option, but as new resident on the island you cannot be sure where you will end up working, or exactly what you need from a property. Property prices are relatively steady at the moment and the taxes involved in buying and selling property here mean that flitting from one place to another could prove to be expensive.

Besides not being able to be certain exactly where you will make your new life, there are many families that move out and then return home because one or more of them becomes homesick or finds that Fuerteventura is not what they thought it would be.

There is a lot of choice Fuerteventura because there has been a lot of building in recent years and much of this was snapped up by people looking for an investment or a holiday home. Property prices here are still below those on Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife, and at the moment they are not rising, so the pressure to buy in a rising market is not there like it was a couple of years ago.

Approximate Cost of Accommodation.

Prices in the centre of the resorts on the island are higher than properties on the outskirts. If you want to be located in an area with a high percentage of English speakers, Parque Holandes, located between Corralejo and Puerto del Rosario, Tamaragua just outside Corralejo and Costa Antigua just outside of Caleta are probably the lowest priced options in the north of the island at the moment.

In Parque Holandes you can rent a three bedroom property for €500 including bills, whereas a one bedroom apartment in Costa Antigua costs about €300.

Typical prices in Corralejo would be a two bedroom property for €450 including bills and a two bedrooom townhouse in Caleta from €450 including bills.

Rental Contracts and Deposits

In general the law in Spain is weighted in favour of tenants who have a long term contract, so most landlords offer short term contracts,You will probably be offered a contract for three months. This can be renewed if the owner and yourselves agree. Probably you will be asked to pay a months rental in advance and a month as security. You should check with the owner if your property is included in the insurance that the owner has on the property. If not you should arrange your own.

It is worth checking to whether or not Utility bills are included in the monthly rental, and if it is not you should expect to pay about €40 for water and electricity per month

You can expect to have to pay a deposit equivalent to about one month's rent, and this should be returned at the end of the tenancy, as long as there is not an unreasonable amount of wear and tear.

General Information

Many properties for rental are on complexes that used to be rented out to holiday makers but have now been sold off. On these complexes there may be additional communal facilities such as swimming pools, gyms etc which are included in the price. There may also a be a lively bar that isn't so bad during a weeks holiday, but a little too much if you are living on the complex.

Houses in the tourist resorts will be referred to as villas, and will either have pools of their own and/or a community pool. Maintenance of the private pools will proably be included in the price as will garden maintenance. You should ask for the telephone numbers for recommended maintenance people in case you have need of their services.

You should also check if you need to bring your own towels and bedding or if these are supplied by the owners of the property.

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If you would like to advertise your apartment or villa with us, with a page of your own on our site, you can do so for €63 for one year . We believe this offers excellent value. For more details please have a look at private property advertising.

We are managing several 1 bed apartments in the Caleta and Costa Antigua areas, so we are not advertising 1 bed apartments individually in this area.

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