Fuerteventura Airport.

When you have arrived at an airport it is nice to have some idea of what to expect. This page gives a little information about the facilities at Fuerteventura airport.

Fuerteventura airport has recently had a massive extension that more or less doubled its capacity. The new extension has been opened, though work is still going on to reassign parts of the old building to different requirements. It is now large and spacious and has the capacity to cope with the expected growth over the next twenty years.

Flight Arrivals

The first thing you do when you arrive at Fuerteventura Airport is to pass through immigration control. This procedure is smoothly carried out and you once you have passed through the checkpoint you will enter the baggage collection area. You will get information as to which conveyor your luggage will arrive on. This area has lots of toilets, and you can also find information about such things as taxi prices from the airport to various destinations. There is help available should your luggage be lost or damaged in transit.

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Travelling onto your resort

Once you have picked up your luggage there are two sets of automatic doors will allow you out of the controlled area. Please note that when you leave this area airport security will not allow you back in so please make sure you have collected all your luggage. If you have a tour operator then they will greet you just outside these doors. The coach car park is just outside the terminal building to the right, and as it is now a big building it’s best to make use of the trolleys. These cost €1 andalso take pound coins; you will get your money back when you return it to the trolley park areas.

When you exit the baggage collection area, and if you have flown with a holiday company, the reps will be waiting for you here. If you have hired a car, that is to be picked up from the airport, the car hire offices are between the two exits. To your right are various desks used by different tour companies on different days.

Fuerteventura Airport Taxis

For those making their own way to their resort there is a taxi rank outside the Arrivals.. Although the queues, at peak times, seem quite long, there are plenty of taxis and they come along every few minutes so you will not be waiting long. Taxis are strictly controlled and have meters so you will know how much they cost. For up to date taxi prices see our Getting About page.

New Coach Park
Fuerteventura Airport Taxis

Fuerteventura Airport Bus

There are no trains on Fuerteventura so your other option to get to your resort is to use the local bus service which is very reliable and cheap. The bus timetables can be found from our Getting About page. The buses at the airport go to Caleta de Fuste, Puerto del Rosario and Morro Jable (via Costa Calma). You can get other connecting buses in Puerto del Rosario at the bus station,where all bus routes start and finish.

Fuerteventura Airport Car Hire

Car Hire

The car hire firms that have offices in the airport have windows in the baggage collection area, or you can speak to them outside the baggage area. There are several car hire companies to choose from, it's probably best to book in advance at peak times as sometimes there are no cars available for hire, You can do this via the Sunnyfuerteventura Car Hire facility using the logo on the left. You can pick your car up from the car park, just outside the terminal.

Fuerteventura Airport Car Parking

There is a large car parking area in front of the airportwhich is covered and has 1,300 parking spaces for private and hired cars.

Parking charges are very reasonable, the first half hour is free; then 0.015319 cents a minute from 31 to 60 minutes; 0.014362 cents a minute from 61 minutes, with a maximum daily price of €8.40 (for up to 4 days). The daily maximum from the fifth day is €6.70. The car park payment is via automatic payment machines or at the payment kisok which has a large blue sign above it.

There are four automatic payment machines. Two are outside, opposite Arrivals; and two are inside, one in the Arrivals and another in the Departures area. The payment machines accept euro bank notes and coins; the kiosk will accept credit cards. After paying you have 20 minutes to leave the car park. You exit the car park by putting your ticket into the machine, which allows the barrier to lift.


To the right of the airport building you can find a good restaurant tucked away. Inside the terminal building there is a large cafe where you can buy refreshments and there is also a chemist, bookshop and informaion desk. If you or the airport staff have any concerns about your fitness to fly then there is a doctor on hand to examine you.

After you go through the security area you will find a variety of places to eat and lots of shops.

Departure flights

departure board Airport shop

When it is time to get your flight home, the first thing to do is to find your flight on the departures board. There will be a range of gates indicated for your flight. You can queue in any of these, as whichever one you choose will be the slowest, or is that just us?

When you have checked in, you will be sent off for the security check, which is behind the check in desk. And then you take the escalator to the departure lounge. Most of the tour operatorís desks are located at the end of the arrivals lounge but Ryan air is near the chemist in departures.

The departure lounge has plenty of places to buy reasonably priced food, which may be eaten on the sun terrace at either end of the departure lounge. There are also the usual duty free shops.

Fuerteventura Airport Shopping.

Bolsa de Transito As you get through security at the airport, which is on the ground floor. The first shop that you will see is a store selling traditional items from Fuerteventura. As you go up the escalator you will find a wide range of shops selling duty free items and clothing. There are several cafes and you can take a relaxing drink or snack on to the patio area and enjoy the last bit of Fuerteventura sunshine that you will see for a while.

It is important, for those of you that are not on a direct flight home that you get any duty free items sealed so that you will not be charged taxes at the next airport.

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Fuerteventura Airport Cafe
Fuerteventura Airport Cafe.

Information desk and Bookshop
Information desk and Bookshop

The Restaurant
The Restaurant

Spacious Arrivals Hall
Spacious Arrivals Hall

Coach Pick up Point
Coach Pick up Point

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