Animals Fuerteventura

On Fuerteventura the main animals, are chipmunks, or Barbery Ground squirrels, and goats. There are plenty of rabbits, and many cats that live semi-independent lives. We've seen a donkey too, but didn't take its picture. These are some of the photographs of animals and insects that we have seen. There is also a zoo in La Lajita, here are some photographs of the zoo animals.


The chipmonks are very friendly and like to be fed nuts.


This little crab was by the harbour in Morro Jable


This little beetle landed on our car.


There is some horseracing on the island, but this is probably the family pet.

Cochineal beetles

Cochineal beetles, these are put in hot water, dried then crushed to make cochineal, a natural food colouring. You've probably swallowed a few!

Chipmunk and Lizard

Walking to Nuevo from Caleta we spotted these two sharing an apple!

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insect There was a "plague" of locusts early in 2005, blown over from Africa. Thankfully there aren't many now! flies Live sex on Fuerteventura! These two flies are well camoflaged. whale One of the more interesting dead animals here. It's on the beach at Las Salinas del Carmen, a short walk from Caleta. camels You can take a camel safari in several places on the island, these are at Caleta. goats These goats were near the restaurant in Cofete. My visitor This was climbing up my bedroom wall, but isn't he sweet!
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