Cycling and mountain biking on Fuerteventura

The island of Fuerteventura offers a variety of opportunities for cyclists. Cycling around the larger tourist resorts is made easier by the presence of cycle paths. The asphalted roads, especially the newer ones, are generally of a good condition, and there are mile upon mile of new tracks that are a joy for those that like to get off-road on their mountain bikes.

Cycling events on Fuerteventura

Some cycling events have become part of the calendar on Fuerteventura. In February the Fuerte bike marathon takes place. The course is 86km long and the start and finish are in Corralejo.

Another event that takes place in early December, again starting and finishing in Corralejo, is the Marchas Cicloturistas.The original objective of the Marchas Cicloturistas, organised by the Instituto Canario de Investigación del Cáncer, ICIC, to raise awareness amomgst the population that sport plays an important role in keeping healthy and ppreventing the plague of obesity, which along with other illnesses results in a predisposition to contracting cancer. The event on Fuerteventura is also in memory of Pilar Cabrera, who in spite of having cancer worked tirelessly to promote awareness of the problem. The event involves cyclists following a 50km road route, with stops at Caldereta and La Olivia to allow the stragglers to catch up with those that treat the event as a race, and the professionals for whom the trip is a gentle stroll.

The event began in 2004, when some 400 cyclists took part. The event is always well organised and the participants are looked after. There is a bus for those that dont think they can make it ove the hilly section, and their bikes are taken in a lorry from the start of the second section to the Casa de Coronels, where the third stage begins.

Cycling on holiday

It is possible to make a holiday from touring the island. Roland and Ing, covered 600km in two weeks. There are plenty of hotels in Fuerteventura that are happy to provide accommodation for a couple of nights. On Wednesdays during the cruise season, you may see a peleton of cyclists in in Puerto del Rosario from the cruise ship Aida. The mountain bikes that the passengers use seem to be part of the equipment on board, and provide a means of seeing something of the area around the port whilst taking a little exercise.

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Santos Gonzalez

Santos Gonzalez, 1st Marcha Ciclista

Start of 1st Marcha Ciclista

Start of 1st Marcha Ciclista

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