Scuba Diving, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

If you are considering coming to the Canary Islands for a diving holiday you should bear in mind that With its crystal clear waters and consistent water temperatures, Fuerteventura is a divers' paradise. The water temperature around the Canary Islands ranges from 18 to 22 degrees, and this range of temperatures is ideal for supporting the multi-organism ecosystem that exists around Fuerteventura's coast.

Fuerteventura Dive Centres

There are about a dozen dive centers, around the coast of Fuerteventura. They all run courses for divers with various levels of ability, and a day spent taking part on a taster course makes for a very enjoyable day out. You are guaranteed to see a wide range of species. Diving in the Canaries is like taking a dip in your own zillion litre fish tank, and Fuerteventura offers some of the best diving in the Canary islands.

Given that you are fit enough to dive, and that your time of your dive will leave sufficient time before you fly home, a typical beginners course will pan out in the following way. The first part of the course will include a theory lesson to teach you the basic theory including safety procedures, how the equipment works and the hand signals you can expect to use. You will then have a practice session in a pool to allow you to become accustomed to the equipment and allow the staff to correct your dive weights if they need to. Then it is off to the sea for a dive that lasts about thirty minutes. You will need to be careful because once you have had a taste in the shallows, you may become hooked and filled with a desire to head further out into the deep blue ocean.


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