Protect Fuerteventura's environment

The Cabildo and all the ayuntamientos of Fuerteventura work very hard to protect the environment of Fuerteventura and the sea surrounding it. To keep the environment clean teams of cleaners are busy all over the island and are often spotted in streets and by the sides of the road.

Fuerteventura does not seem to have a sigificant problem with washed up plastic, but there is a lot of sea life affected by discarded fishing equipment such as nets, line and hooks, so if you do go fishing please be careful.

Fish stuck in a plaster seagull caught in plastic bag

We can only assume this poor fish had nibbled on this plaster and then swam through it getting stuck. He was being bullied by other fish as I assume he appeared bigger than they were. In the other photograph the seagull has its leg caught in a plastic bag. It is very sad to see the wildlife affected in this way.

One of the saddest examples that I have seen recently though were the Loggerhead turtles which had been caught up in an illegal fishing net lined with hooks. This turtle unfortunately died but others were rescued. See Fuerteventura news for further details.

Dying Loggerhead turtle

Every bit of rubbish dropped or any item not disposed of correctly is a threat to the environment. Please make sure that your rubbish is not the cause of injury to creatures or guilty of affecting the beauty of Fuerteventura.

As in the uk there is a charge for plastic bags even in the small shops, please recycle bags or use a non plastic one!

Keep Fuerteventura tidy


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Fish net with barbs

Fish net with barbs

Loggerhead turtle, Caleta de Fuste Loggerhead turtle, Caleta de Fuste

Loggerhead turtle rescue Loggerhead turtle rescued and restored to health

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