Fuerteventura Feaga.

The feaga has been held on Fuerteventura for over 20 years, and is held by the side of the road to Pozo Negro. The Feaga is a VERY popular event here on the island. Judging by the number of cars going there at about 7pm on saturday evening, and the number of people there in the afternoon, you might be forgiven for thinking that if you did not attend you would have to pay a penalty of some sort.

The Feaga is a large agricultural show that grown to include a large number of displays, some of them more related to agriculture than others.

Feaga goats, Fuerteventura Feaga chicken, Fuerteventura Donkey foal, Fuerteventura

The goats are both rams. They are on very short tether and some were trying to butt their neighbours but couldn't reach. This one was staring at his neighbour in a very aggressive fashion.
Is the boy in the background impersonating the chicken?
The foal is a contender for the cutest thing at the show. There were about forty donkeys on display, as well as a couple of Shetland ponies and a mule or two.

Dewalt challenge, Fuerteventura Feaga goldfish, Fuerteventura Feaga lizard, Fuerteventura

All the fun of the fair.

Feaga Feaga, Fuerteventura

The cheese competition is an important part of the Feaga. The aroma in this tent was wonderful. The black stuff is rock, the sort you eat. Very tasty too.

Feaga Feaga, Fuerteventura Feaga , Fuerteventura

The goat hall, cows and camels and weighing the milk. Nearly put wheying.

Feaga Feaga, Fuerteventura Feaga , Fuerteventura

Warming up, close after the first bend, then a two horse race

As you can see the Feaga is well worth a visit, and we didn't even go for the evening's musical entertainment on the Saturday.

There are lots more events and fiestas that have happened on Fuerteventura this year.

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Dog show

The dogs can yap, but this one was waiting quietly.


The horse race on the dirt track is quite exciting

Feaga, Fuerteventura

The horse races attract a good crowd.


The races are close, and the horse really enjoy being hosed down.

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