New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is known as "Nochevieja" (the Old Night) as it is the last night of the old year. As the celebrations begin just before midnight, this is the first big celebration of the year in Fuerteventura. We went to Puerto Del Roario for a Spanish experience.

We ate at about 9.30 pm in an almost deserted Chinese restaurant in Puerto del Rosario. At the end of the meal we were given a gift of 12 grapes in a decorative box.

At about 11.30 pm that evening, the streets of the capital were almost deserted, and we wandered about wondering where everybody was!

Around a quarter to twelve we went to the front of the church, which although deserted, appeared set up for a celebration. People arrived quickly and just before midnight the church square was packed.

Tradition dictates that everyone has to have twelve grapes ready to eat, and as the clock strikes each of the strokes of midnight, you must eat a grape, those that finish their grapes before the final 'bong' are granted a wish.

So as the bells chime everyone tries to cram the grapes into their mouths. (If you try this I suggest the seedless variety!)

On the stroke of midnight the last bell chimes, grape seeds get spit out,and a few birds fly around terrorised by the sudden eruption of light and noise from the fireworks that are launched from close by.

In the square behind the church a show opened up with a live band, and the kiosks opened up to sell drinks to the crowd, which contained some very well dressed individuals.

Other people were not in the main square, but were partying in the streets by their cars, with music from car stereos and drinks served from the boot of the car!

We moved on to a salsa dancing club, where the locals were friendly and encouraged us to dance. The dancing was at various levels of competance, from the sublime to the ridiculous, (us).

The whole town had a fabulous, exciting but peaceful atmosphere. Starting the drinking at midnight is a good idea.

We can heartily recommend this experience of New Year, don't forget to take grapes and er don't go out too early, the party goes on, and on, and on...

Band playsCelebrations begin

Drunken man statue

Hmm, statue celebrates the New Year

In the holiday resorts the restaurants and bars celebrate New Years Eve in different ways, and at midnight there are lots of fireworks in the resorts. Again the party continues throughout the night.

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Square livens up Waiting for midnight Midnight fireworks A blaze of colour and noisy too More fireworks Danger! That's a firework in her hand! And more Lighting up the sky and more Boom bang boom!!

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