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Blue Marlin Fuerteventura has a very long coastline and an abundance of fish around its shores. This makes it an ideal place for angling, whether it be a serious attempt to catch a whopper like the one on the photo, which weighs in at 200kg, or a relaxing couple of hours of amusement.

All the game fish shown below are primarily caught with artificial fish, shallow & deep diving plugs, the Yo-Zuri magnetic series plugs are very popular with the locals in Caleta de Fuste, which is why Gone Fishing, the tackle shop in Caleta de Fuste started stocking them.

4 Bonita Tuna and a barracudaBluefishGarfish

The three photos show 4 bonita tuna (Sarda sarda) and a barracuda, a bluefish and a brace of Garfish. They were all caught fishing from the rocks in the Caleta de Fuste area of Fuerteventura.

They can also be caught using jigs (soft body rubber fish) or spinners (conventional or specialized new ones such as metalic sardines & artificial minnows, or a combination of spinner & rubber fish in one lure). Success rate is also good with live bait (boga) or dead bait (sardine). Boga is caught relatively easily by fishing with a variety of baits & methods (jigging with small pieces of squid or float fishing with small treble hooks & paste).

Crab is the best bait when fishing for Parrotfish. Squid and prawns are the number one bait for all other species (bottom feeders such as the Breams, Snappers, Blacktail Combers, Rays, Small Sharks, Angel Fish, Scorpion Fish, etc).

Blacktail CombersBreamraySnapper

Bread paste works with some species, but is better if it's mixed with other stuff, such as smelly cheese, sardines or oily extracts. However, it comes off the hooks very easily and can be very frustrating!!

Lizard Fish The greedy lizard fish can be caught on just about any of the above mentioned baits. When Aram of Gone Fishing caught this 8" long one it was trying to swallow a 5" wrasse that he was bringing in. It was nowhere near the hook but half the wrasse was in its mouth and its teeth are so sharp & slanted inwards, there was no way that the wrasse was coming out of its mouth without a little help.

Fishing on your Fuerteventura holiday.

If your interest lies in knocking out a few small fish to while away a sunny afternoon there is ample scope to do so while on sunny Fuerteventura.

Damsel fish ornate wrass

The paste used to catch these small fish, an angel fish and an ornate wrasse, is a mixture of bread, flour, tuna and egg yoke. The exact quantities may be important, but just bunging the ingredients together will produce results. As the paste tends to drop of the hook rather easily, the locals use three or four single hooks on short leads of the same length. The paste is attached to the hooks and plonked into the water. Having several hooks helps keep the bait on and increases the chances of a bite resulting in a fish.

Fly Fishing Fly fishing on Fuerteventura?? This gentleman is a keen fly fisherman and brought his gear with him on holiday.

He spent the week creating flies and fishing off the rocks around Caleta de Fuste. Some of the flies were made to look like bread crust, and some success was had. Nothing enormous, but he enjoyed being able to practise his favourite form of fishing while here on Fuerteventura.

scorpion fish Some fish here need to be handled with care. These include the Scorpion fish. The spines carry a poison that will result in a painful swelling if you are unlucky enough to have sufficient contact with them. The best policy might be to avoid touching them, and they genearlly advertise their poisonous nature by having bright colours.

Steve from PembrokeshireTerry and William fishing in Fuerteventura

If, like Steve from Pembrokeshire, you know what you are doing, there is a greater range of options available to you, but even absolute beginners such as William, from Brackley, with a little help from dad Terry, show that fishing in Fuerteventura can be fun. William is a lot less likely to catch the sun, and Steve was catching a few rays around Christmass. It wouldn't be wise to do so in the summer as a couple of hours in the sun here would result in sunburn.

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