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El Cotillo Hotels

Mariquita Hierro

El Cotillo has the only protected fishing harbour on Fuerteventura's wild and beautiful west coast, offering blue lagoons or the infamous surfing beaches. El Cotillo has unspoilt quite lagoons with white sands, ideal for beach lovers who seek relaxation and tranquility. Situated in the middle of the village the Hotel Mariquita Hierro is the only Hotel in El Cotillo and specializes in individual tourism, from the moment you arrive you feel part of it.
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Cotillo Beach

Calle a los Lagos, Cotillo,
Cotillo Beach Hotel is located in the tranquil area of El Cotillo, in northern Fuerteventura. The hotel offers 144 en suite guest rooms which are all clean and well appointed with the modern comforts you would expect of a hotel of its class, including a television and hairdryer.
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Hotel Rural El Patio De Lajares

Antigua carreterra al Cotillo
Hotel Rural El Patio De Lajares offers a personal service and is located four kilometres from the beach and seven kilometres from the centre of the area, with a bus stop located 200 metres away.
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