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Reasons for choosing Fuerteventura as a holiday destination.

There are many reasons for holiday makers to choose Fuerteventura as a holiday destination. As the name of this website suggests it is one of the sunniest locations on Earth, and this fact combined with the 125 miles of beach make Fuerteventura the perfect place for a sun and sand holiday where you can chill out. The other thing that Fuerteventura is known for is the wind. If that is likely to put you off you need to remember that the prevailing wind is caused by the trade winds and this means that the wind, especially at its strongest blows from a consistent north north easterly direction. Many facilities, such as hotel pools and bar terraceces are built with this in mind and have feautures such as glass walls that are designed to prevent the wind spoiling the pleasure you hope to enjoy.

Watersports and other day time activities.

The wind does attract visitors who wish to benefit from its reliabilty. The surfers that visit from all over the world rely on the waves that are generated in the Atlantic. Colourful kites and sails are a permanent part of the scenery in some places, as kiteboarders and windsurfers practise their skills. The sea tempearture ranges from 18 to 22 degrees celcius, and this makes it possible to enjoy being in the sea all year round. The seas around Fuerteventura are teeming with fish and other aquatic creatures. Some people come to catch the fish and others to look at the creatures of the sea, either by scuba diving, snorkelling or by sailing out to sea a short way.

Relaxing Evenings

After a hard day by the pool, on the beach, or in the sea, evenings on Fuerteventura can be spent chilling out in one of the many bars and resaurants, and the variety available means that all tastes are catered for. The local cuisine is based on sea food, as the local seas provide an abundant harvest, and the produce from goats . Goats are a feature of the island, and there are nearly as many goats as residents on the island.

One of the things missing from Fuerteventura is large gangs of drunken youths roaming from bar to bar. If you are looking for a more vibrant nightlife, there are places that provide entertainment into the early hours.

Day Trips

If you want to explore the island it is small enough to make all parts of it accessible, thought some parts do require a 4x 4 vehicle, and yet large enough to provide areas with distinct features. If you hire a car it is possible to do a day trip around most of the island, but 3 day trips are best so that you can stop off at places on route. The roads on Fuerteventura are relativel quiet, especially in the middle and west of the island. All tarmacked roads are of good quality so driving is relatively easy. The highest point on the island, is in the south, but the views from the Pico de la Zarza make the walk worthwhile, though this is probably best done in the cooler winter months.

Organised trips are run from all the major resorts and can be booked at the hotels, in excursion shops or with individual operators. These include trips over and under the sea, around the historical parts of the island and to the zoo. You can also go out in small groups on trikes, which you can drive yourself, jeeps, buggies and mountain bikes.

Holiday Advice

The electricity supply on Fuerteventura is the same voltage as the rest of Europe, but if you are visiting from the UK you will need an adaptor to use your own appliances

The tap water is mainly desalinated water and it has traces of minerals that give it a unique taste. We use bottled water for things where the flavour matters, and tap water to rinse or to boil things.

Sun Protection is an absolute necessity. The sun shines long and hard on Fuerteventura. The breeze may cool you down, but it will not stop you from burning.

Medical Facilities . There are plenty of doctors in all the major resorts. If you need one your holiday rep will be able to find one for you in next to no time.

Luggage allowances can cause some problems. Just because you have not been charged excess baggage on the way out does not mean you will not be asked to pay it on the way back.

Duty free . The taxes on cigarettes and alcohol are low on Fuertevntura, so these items are relatively cheap. Unfortunately when returning to the UK from the Canaries you will be subject to the usual small allowances for these products.

The Language spoken on Fuerteventura is Spanish. In the resorts most service staff speak adequate to excellent English. In Puerto del Rosario and the places away from the resorts, a few words of Spanish will help you get along. The local accent is quite troublesome for foreigners, but many of the Spanish speakers on the Fuerteventura have emigrated from other Spanish speaking countries.

If we have missed anything you want to know, please try searching the site using the search box at the top of this page.. If you cannot find it, then we are happy to respond to emails.



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