Improvements to the beach in Caleta soon to be completed

El Castillo Beach regeneration is not progressing at the rate written into the contract for the work, because of the difficulties of obtaining sand. The results of the technical studies that will determine where to obtain the 100,000 cubic meters of sand necessary to complete the project will be announced soon.


The Cabildo de Fuerteventura recently hosted a meeting of the Commission monitoring the project, whose deadlines in the contract are not going to be complied with for various reasons, but mainly that they have still has not determined the place that the sand needed to complete the renovation work will be extracted.


The finance of the project has been split, 50%, from the Cabildo of Fuerteventura and 50% from the Government of Spain. "What we have done is to ask the company to as quickly as possible, to find solution to the supply of sand to make the work speed up so that they meet deadlines in the contract as soon as possible, so that the new El Castillo beach is finished asap, said the President of the Cabildo Majorero , Marcial Morales, after attending the follow-up Committee meeting.


Morales, after evaluating the progress of the works, acknowledged that the works won't end 'in due time', but has urged the company to complete it as soon as possible.


In the coming days they will have completed technical studies that will determine where enough of the correct sand can be purchased to speed up this work and to complete it. Some samples have already been taken, and depending on the results, will decide where the sand is collected.


The project, which has a cost of approximately EUR 2 million, required 100,000 cubic meters of sand. The main problem of the beach was that at low tide rocks were exposed that made entering the sea difficult for the public. There are also a second phase of improvements being made to the beach in Los Pozos, Puerto del Rosario, which is also in need of sand.


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