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Further storm news

The city Hall of Fuerteventura has been working hard to detail and quantify a study of the damage caused by the recent high winds that affected the Canaries, in order that Fuerteventura can claim its share of an aid package.

People from the City Hall, private and sectorial organizations, various councellors, technicians of the different departments affected have visited industrial parks, agricultural areas, etc. to collect information. Currently there is a team of Agricultural technicians travelling through the centre and south of the island, to take note of the damage, which seems to be limited mainly to some greenhouses in El Cardón and damage to the livestock farms of Tirba. The tomato crops have not been damaged too severely this time.

Likewise, personnel from the Department of Infrastructures travelled along the roads to quantify the damage, and the consejero del Área, Jesús León, visited the ports of the island, along with technicians from the Government of the Canaries.

It is intended to detail damages in the briefest possible time, in order to create a report, because depending on the volume of damage, Fuerteventura can receive aid announced for those affected.


Storm warning comes to an end, however...

The General Council of Security and Emergency of the Government of Canaries ended, late last night, the state of alert for the archipelago on account of the Tropical storm Delta, which is currently over Africa. But problems still continue.

The other islands have faired worse than Fuerteventura, where things are almost back to normal. There are extensive problems in some areas of the archipelago, due to failure of the electricity supplies, leaving many still without light.

The wind causes the collapse in chain of several antennae in the centre of communications of Lanzarote.

The health centres and hospitals of Tenerife are not seeing patients for consultations or operations.

The archipelago's agricultural sector is asking for studies into the extent of the damage to their industry.

Storm Delta hits Fuerteventura.

Schools were closed on Fuerteventura yesterday as reports came in of a dangerous storm heading for the Canaries.

The storm hit the island around the middle of yesterday evening with extremely strong winds gusting through most of the night. There is quite a bit of damage to property. More to follow soon.

Storm death

One man died in Puerto del Rosario late last night when he was hit by falling debris.

Second rare storm

The tropical storm Delta is the second of its type to hit the archipelago in less than two months despite being rare and unusual for this part of the Atlantic. Delta began as a hurricane, but by the time it reached the Canaries it had reduced to a tropical storm.


There are lots of reports of structural damage all from all over the island. Some walls have fallen over, solar panels have been ripped out and many roof tiles have been displaced.

Technicians from the Departments of Security and Emergencies, for the environment and Infrastructures have been out since the early hours of the morning assessing damage, and the financial support that will be required from the Cabildo.

In Morro Jable, there has been damage to a jetty, where various tourist boats were moored, requiring the intervention of the fire brigade and local police to prevent further damage.

In the industrial zone of Puerto del Rosario (Risco Prieto) some of the factories were damaged and trucks and heavy machinery were affected.

Along the highways there were lots of broken signs and pieces of trees to be collected, although no roads were closed, apart from when the actual debris collection was under way.

There was also a traffic accident in Puerto del Rosario, due to the storm, but the consequences were not too severe.

Work went on during the night to remove the build up of sand on the road in the dunes of Corralejo.

The weather warning is maintained from the Government of Canaries for the next few hours, all planned public acts are currently cancelled.

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