Permits to camp in La Oliva.

People wishing to camp in the region of La Oliva, during June, July, August and September need to apply to the ayuntamiento for a licence, and will also be required to pay a deposit of €60 to be refunded if the campers take proper care of the environment.

Campers interested in camping during the summer, in one of the zones in La Oliva between now and October 1, should, as soon as they know the time period in which they plan to camp, request a permit from the ayuntamiento.

The deposit required is the same as last year, and again as last year it is a requirement to have a chemical toilet in all caravans, camper vans, tents etc. “This summer we are going to continue with the system of a returnable deposit. I think that is a wise measure that reminds us to respect and to preserve our environment”, stated el concejal de Medio Ambiente y Playas, Genaro Saavedra, who has already confirmed that la Policía Local “will carry out checks to verify that the people that are camped have the correct doccumentation and permission and have paid the deposit.

For more information, call 928 86 19 04 /05/06 and ask for the Departamento de Medio Ambiente


The people interested in camping should complete a form from the ayuntamiento or available by fax or email by telephoning 928 86 84 96. You will need to send confirmation of the payment of €60 by transfer to the account nº 2052 8133 61 35-000001-06 of the Caja de Canarias in the name of the Ayuntamiento de La Oliva. Each motor home, caravan, or tent will be required to pay an indivudual deposit.

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