Two windmills will raise desalinated water to La Calderetilla "at almost zero cost"

Two windmills in La Herradura will allow the pumping of desalinated water "at almost zero cost" to the La Calderetilla reservoir and, from there, to other parts of the Island due to the natural inertia in the fall of the water. But before a windmill will be installed in the El Charco desalination plant to reduce its current electricity consumption by 28%.

The water will be distributed to the south and central zones of the island. It is one of the projects to be developed in Fuerteventura by the funds of the Fdcan."The objective is that all the desalinated water produced in Fuerteventura by the CAAF has an energy cost close to zero, both in the purification and in the delivery," explains the Cabildo's president, Marcial Morales. "If we can increase water supply and the cost is approaching zero, we can then take advantage of the wind to push the water up to La Calderetilla. And when there is no wind, nothing happens, because by then we will have the reservoir well filled, "adds Morales. In La Calderetilla, after completion, the reservoir will contain about 16,000 cubic meters.

Another project, with a cost of around 2.5 million euros, is the installation of a windmill in the desalination plant of the Consortium of Water Supply of Fuerteventura (CAAF), in El Charco, whose processing "is underway". The Cabildo, according to Marcial Morales, predicts that the CAAF windmill will be set up later this year. Its start-up will reduce energy consumption by about 28% in the desalination plant. The installation will have "a Gamesa wind turbine of the G-87 model of 2,000 kilovolts of nominal power, forming a wind farm of 2 megawatts of total power", according to the Cabildo.

The CAAF desalination plant in Corralejo has two wind turbines that make it 100% sustainable. The desalination plant in Puerto del Rosario, however, will not yet be 100% sustainable after the installation of the mill, since the production of desalinated water in this area is much greater, around 80% of that of the whole island.


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