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Dining out FuerteventuraThere is a wide range of restaurants to be found on Fuerteventura, and it is unlikely that the national cuisine of any particular country is not represented somewhere in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventuran Cuisine and Gastronomy

As Fuerteventura is an island that is surrounded by bountiful seas, a lot of the local cuisine is based on the fruits of the sea. Fish and seafood dishes are prominent, and the Spanish restaurants that have been on Fuerteventura for generations are expert in the creation of gastronomic delights based on the harvest of the sea. Other local dishes include Canarian potatoes, also called papas arragudas, which translates as wrinkled potatoes. These are small potatoes which were traditionally cooked in sea water, which being salty resulted in the wrinkled skin. They are served with mojo sauce, which comes in many varieties, the most common being a spicey red variety called mojo picante and a milder green version called mojo verde.

Spanish restaurants that serve the local cuisine as a speciality often have Tipico Canario on their menu and advertising.

English Cuisine

Many of the visitors to the island have very conservative tastes when it comes to their food, and some children have famously finickety food fads. There are many restaurants, especially in the North of the island, that cater for English tastes. English breakfasts are available in all the major resorts, and Sunday Lunches can also be found in great abundance.

All the restaurants will claim that they make the best Sunday Lunch on Fuerteventura, but in a fortnights holiday you will only be able to sample two.

Food for Global Gourmets

The population of Fuerteventura has increased in recent years and a list of the country of origin of the immigrants would be of considerable length. Besides those of us from Northern Europe, who have come here for a better climate a more relaxed way of life, there are many from South America, as well as Africa and Asia.

As catering accounts for a large chunk of the economic activity on the island, there are representatives from most nationalities within the sector, and the cuisine of a large number of countries provide the specialist section of many menus.

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