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Waking on Fuerteventura is a much more enjoable pastime outside of the summer months, because although the weather in Fuerteventura does not vary a great deal throughout the year, it is warmer and much sunnier in the height of summer, and if you walk any distance you will need to carry plenty of fluids, and make sure you are protected from the sun.

The local government bodies in Fuerteventura have invested a lot of money into creating coastal walkways, such as the one that runs between Caleta de Fuste and Nuevo Horizonte, and these provide a way of going for a short stroll in whatever footwear you choose to wear, but for the more serious walks it is necessary to have some suitable shoes or boots. It rarely rains, but in the winter months the wind can be quite cool, especially in the mountains, so at least one additional layer of warm clothing is a good idea.

The landscape on Fuerteventura tends to resemble a marsscape, especially in the summer when the mountains become redder as the rocks warm up. The landscape is the result of millions of years of weathering of a remains of the volcanoes that formed Fuerteventura.

Isla de Lobos from Corralejo Puerto del Rosario viewed from Nuevo Horizonte

Ferries to the Lobos Island from Corralejo, and it is possible to walk around the entire island, including going up to the peak of the caldera, wich provides excellent views of Fuertentura and Lanzarote. As Lobos is a nature reserve, walkers are asked to stick to the tracks, and it has been suggested that the climb to the top of the Caldera should be closed. The photograph on the right is a view of Puerto del Rosario from near Nuevo Horizonte, which is now called Costa Antigua. The walk from Caleta de Fuste to Puerto del Rosario along the coast covers about 8 miles, with the majority of the walk being along tracks.

An aloe vera farm An inland view, Fuerteventura

Aloe vera being grown as a crop. The landscape on Fuerteventura is predominently dry, with little vegetation

You can get an insider's view to walking on Fuerteventura by going to Fellwalker UK . Another good website about walking on various islands around the world is Foxy Island Walks

You may want to check the Fuerteventura Weather before you go.


Over the past couple of years the Cabildo of Fuerteventura (the Island's Council) have spent money on reinstating a network of footpaths (red Canaria de Senderos) all over the island.


walking route signpost walking route signpost

The footpaths have signposts and information (in Spanish, English and German) boards. The information is detailed with maps, level of difficulty, time, terrain and interesting things to look out for. Unfortunately the Cabildo have not yet published a map of these routes.

Some routes are:

Vega de Rio Palma to Toto

Vega de Rio Palma to Ajuy

Casillas de Morales to Caldera de Gayria

Valles de Santa Iñes to Betancuria

Betancuria to Vega de Rio Palma

Antigua to Betancuria

Triquivijate to Barranco La Amuley

Triquivijiate to Rosa del Taro

If anyone discovers a new route then please let us know.

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A promonade near Puerto del Rosario

The path that been created along the seashore in Puerto del Rosario is being extended so that it runs from Los Charcos, just north of the port, to Playa Blanca. The beach at Playa Blanca is being made larger and this work should be completed before the summer of this year, 2007.

Church, Fuerteventura

The scenery on Fuerteventura is dominated by mountains that have been weathered smooth over time.

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