Home Making on Sunny Fuerteventura.

So, you have finally taken the plunge and bought a property in Fuerteventura, and now you need to go about turning it into a home. Following the links on this page will lead you to a page that tells you about the named sponsor.


When you buy a newly built house on Sunny Fuerteventura, it is often the case that a kitchen will not have been included in the purchase price.

Living Rooms

There is the usual range of furniture shops to be found on the island, ranging from small outlets that cater for those that like to feel that their furnishings are individual to hypermarkets that supply furniture for every part of the house.


Your bathroom in Fuerteventura will probably get more use than the one you had in your home country, as it is very refreshing to have a shower, particularly during periods of hot weather. Many bathrooms have no bath as such, but for those of you that like to wallow it is possible to have a bathroom designed and built to meet your own needs.

Pools and Jacuzzi.

Though many homes are situated on complexes that have communal pools it is possible to splash out and have your own pool or jacuzzi fitted. There are companies that will arrange to have a spa fitted as an integral part of you garden design.

If you are in the business of home improvement, and wish to be involved with a quality website please contact us using the link below or 'phoning us 647 819 397

Air Conditioning.

Air conditioning allows you to enjoy the cool interior of your home, even if the temperatures outside are approaching 40 degrees, and having the air in your home cooled by a professionally fitted air conditioning unit also reduces the humidity inside your living space.

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