Rally de La Oliva, Fuerteventura

These are photographs of the La Oliva Car Rally, one of several held each year across the island. There were about 50 participants. The first of the three timed stages was from Corralejo to Playa de Majanicho. The second from Huriamen Peña Erguida toward La Oliva and the third section was from Las Arenas, Montaña de Tindaya to La Oliva. Miguel Curbelo Rodrigues and Juan Carlos Álvarez Cabrera won the race in a Mitsubishi EVO VI, after getting off to a great start on the first leg. Apparently their Kumho tyres gave them a great advantage.

Preparations for the race     Signing in

The competitors lined up in front of the Baku Water Park. They were officially signed in here, and spectors got to have a close up view of the cars on the Friday evening.

Driving to the start     The crowd watches

The cars drove along the roads to the north track in Corralejo, supposedly within the speed limits. The first timed stage began here. There were quite a few people watching the opening few hundred metres of this first leg.

A good place to watch     Julio Luaces De Varona and Aridane Alamo Rodrigues

There were lots of good spots to watch the race, but you had to avoid the dust that the cars kicked up. Unfortunately the best place to take photographs was the worst for the dust. (Our intrepid reporters never flinch.....)

Iriome Perdomo Cerdena and Aday Curbelo Perdomo     Another racer

More action

Francisco Romero Vernetta and Alejandro Rgues Rivero     Miguel Curbelo Rodrigues and Juan Carlos Álvarez Cabrera, the winners.

Miguel Curbelo Rodrigues and Juan Carlos Álvarez Cabrera won the race in a Mitsubishi EVO VI.

Rallys are held regularly around the island

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Orando Morales Betancort and Agustin Morales Curbelo

Lots of dust

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