Lajares, Fuerteventura

Lajares is quite a trendy place, popular with surfing type young people. It is a fair sized village, that lies 6-8 kilometres from El Cotillo, Corralejo and La Oliva. The fact that it is quite spread out gives the impression, when you drive through it, that it is not as large as it actually is.


The village has its own supermarket, cash machine and cake shop. Besides these there are some interesting shops, restaurants and bars. The shops include Artesania Lajares an artisan shop that sells a wide variety of Canarian craftwork. Lots of the other shops are related to watersports activities, and some of the islands best known bars and restaurants are to be found in the village.


The village has an example of both a molino and a molina, which are actually just a few yards apart. These are both to be found near to the ermita de San Antonio (St Anthony's Chapel).

Getting There

If you are staying in Corralejo and are into walking, it is possible to walk to Lajares, along a route along the chain of volcanoes that run between the two.

Lajares is served by the buses that run between Corralejo and El Cotillo and Puerto del Rosario and El Cotillo, for bus timetables visit the getting about page. If you have hired a car it is certainly worth paying a visit to Lajares.

Artisan Market

Lajares has quite a large artisan market, held each Saturday until around 6pm. It was just before 6pm when we visited so it was rather quiet, but it gets quite busy earlier on and you can buy some unique craft items.

Craft Market, Lajares Lajares Artisan Market

Trendy Art, Lajares


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Ermita de San Antonio.

Village square, Lajares
Village square.

Molino, Lajares

Molina, Lajares

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