Photographs from the George Duke Concert, Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura

George Duke played at the Auditorio Insular in Puerto del Rosario, on July 1st. The show was part of the Canarian Jazz & Mass 2005 Festival. The line up was Shannon Pearson on vocals, Jef Lee Johnson on Guitar, Gordon Campbell on Drums, Mike Manson on Base Guitar. They played to a more or less full house.

George talks  A duet

George with the band, playing keyboard and talking to the audience.

   Gordon Campbell   The roadie gets a go!

George playing with Jeff Lee, the drummer, Gordon Campbell, performed a wonderful solo, and one of the techies played keyboard towards the end of the show.

George on piano   Shannon

George played piano and Shannon Pearson has a fabulous voice.

Shannon sings Volunteering to play

George asked if anyone wanted to get on stage to play with the band but he really wanted a keyboard player.

Guest does a brilliant job  The Audience

After a keyboard player could not be found, Jeff Lee very kindly allowed his guitar to be used. The guest gave a fabulous performance.

Guest has a good time               Sponsors logo

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George Duke with the band

The band

George Duke on keyboard

George playing keyboards

Jeff Lee Johnson

Jeff Lee Johnson on guitar

Shannon Pearson

Shannon Pearson singing.

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