We now have photographs of Fuertemusica 2006

Fuertemusica 2005

The Fuertemusica 2005 festival was held at El Cotillo on the 29th and 30th of July. There were 8 artists on the bill, each playing an hour long set.

A wide range of musical tastes was catered for, and all those that attended had a good time in a friendly atmosphere.

Click on each link for photographs. We will add more information to each of the pages, such as names of the group members, when we have more information.

Link  Son de la Frontera

The first two sets were played by Link and Son de La Frontera . Rock followed by Flamenco.

Haze   Elefantes

Haze , trip-hop band, and Elefantes, who played high energy guitar based music.

Los Coquillos   Mastretta

Los Coquillos , a Canarian rock group, and Mastretta, four accomplished musicians playing instrumental music.

   Carmen Paris   Cafe Tacuba

Carmen Paris , a vocalist, and Cafe Tacuba from Mexico.

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