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This page is a little outdated now. Fuertemusica is no longer held, although smaller events continue to be held. There are a lot of live music events going on most of the time and it is a good idea to look at the events page when you come on holiday.

You might not think that Fuerteventura would be a hotbed for music afficianado's and you would probably be right. Having said that there is a lot of musical entertainment available on the island. This ranges from the Kareoke singers that sound ok when you have had a few beers, to world famous groups that sound fantastic without any help from Bacchus.

There are several island based musicians who provide quality entertainment on a regular basis. These inclue Kenny Dene, formerly of 'Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders' and Vinny who sings in various places around Caleta.

Jazz and Mass

This year's Canarias Jazz and Mas 2005 festival was held in June. On Fuerteventura we saw a performance by George Duke and his band. This was held in Puerto del Rosario, and was worth the trip from anywhere on the island.

One Night Stands

Famous bands will occasionaly play at events such as the 24 hour sports festival at Playa Blanca, or the election of Miss Las Palmas 2005. Efecto Mariposa, (the Butterfly Effect) played at the former and the band Pau Dones played at the latter.

Fuertemusic 2005

There will be no Fuertemusica this year-2008

On the 29 and 30th of July Fuertemusic 2005 festival was held close to El Cotillo. Among those performing were Link, a downtempo electronic music group, somthing along the lines of Massive Attack and Son de la Frontera a very modern style Flamenco group. Haze, or Sergio Lopez is a hip-hop rapper that you may have enjoyed and Elefantes a rock group from Barcelona, sounded pretty good too. Los Coquillos performed pop-rock Canarian type music, on the Saturday evening and Mastretta a composer musician and producer, who has produced several musical soundtracks performed there later. Carmen Paris is one of the most important composers in the Spanish scene, sang and played piano and guitar. Cafe Tacuba a Mexican Latino rock group performed at about 1.30 am on the Sunday morning, then a DJ will took things through to around 3.30 Sunday morning, if you could last out that is!

There were 5 DJ's scheduled, El Especialista, DJ Search, DJ. Lara Lopez, DJ Neketanand DJ. Rodolfo Poveda.

Our friends at QFM interviewed the principal performers.

On each of the days the events were scheduled to begin at 20.00 hours, and end around 3.30 am.

Fuertemusic 2006

Fuertemusica 2006 was equally as popular, this time with a Brazilian theme. The artists were Ed Motta, Ojos de Brujo, Radio Tarifa, Tabajoste, Artistedes Moreno, Conco en Clave, La Negra, Muchachito, Bombo Infierno, DJ Floro and DJ Search. The link on the right at the top of the page will take you to photographs of the event.

Photographs and details of that event can be seen by following the link on the right.

Kenny Dene. Brian Ransom.

Kenny Dene, ex of the Mindbenders and Brian Ransom.

Fuerteventura En Musica

After a break for a couple of years due to funding problems, the Music Concerts began again at El Cotillo. The event is now called Fuerteventura En Musica and is held over the first weekend in July at the La Concha beach just north of El Cotillo.

The event features around 6 bands on the Friday and Saturday nights, plus DJ´s. There´s usually a mix of various types of music from Spanish Rock to Reggae. It´s a free concert attended by several thousand people, many of whom camp around the lagoons and beaches for the weekend.



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George Duke
George Duke, Jazz & Mas 2005

Efecto Mariposa
Efecto Mariposa, kindly posed for this photograph for us.

New Druids, Fuerteventura
New Druids on a visit to the Island.

Pau Dones
Pau Dones

Billy Shears, Fuerteventura
Billy Shears

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