Pajara, Fuerteventura

The municipality of Pajara includes the towns and villages of El Cardon, La Lajita, Ajuy, Toto, and Morro Jable. Though the Ayuntemiento is in Pajara, the greatest population density is around the coastline in the region of Morro Jable.

The address of the Ayuntamiento is
C/ Plaza de Regla, s/n
35628 Pájara.
Telephone 928 1614 82/83.
Fax 928 161474.

It is worth bearing in mind that if you order an official document from one of the Ayuntemiento offices in Morro Jable you may have to collect it from Pajara.

Pajara is the municipality with the greatest length of coastline in all of Spain, and much of the coastline consists of beaches of fine white sand. For this reason there is a wealth of watersports activity, and the world windsurfing championships are held here each year.

In front of the Ayuntemiento in Pajara there is a donkey working a waterpump. This is laid on for the benefit of tourists. There is a childrens' playground behind the Ayuntemiento, and a church worthy of a visit next to the front entrance. The municipal swimming pool, which is open in the summer is also close by.

Among the principal tourist attractions in the municipality are the Sotovento beaches, the Cofete beach and the caves at Ajuy.



Fiesta of



Nuestra Senora de Regla

2nd July


San Juan

24th June

El Cardon

La Virgen del Tranquito

Last Sat in May

La Lajita

Nuestra Senora de Fatima

13th May

Nuestra Senora de Immaculada

3rd Sat in April

La Pared

San Benito

Last Sat in July

Morro Jable

Nuestra Senora del Carmen

16th July


Antonio de Padua

13th June


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Promenade at Morro Jable
The Promenade at Morro Jable

The Church in Pajara
The Church in Pajara

Pajara municiple swimming pool
Pajara municiple swimming pool

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