A walk up Pico de la Zarza, Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

The walk takes around 5 hours and there is no shade. Take food, water and sun protection. The first part of the trip could be done in a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Begin at this roundabout in Morro Jable. You need to travel up the hill turning left at the Hotel Barcelo and continue up to the water treatment plant. You will then see a wide dirt track road ahead of you. On your left you will have a good view of the new golf course at Morro Jable which nestles between the hills. To your right you will be able to see the windmills at Costa Calma and behind you a great view of Morro Jable. There is plenty of time to admire the view as you will be stopping to catch your breath regularly.

Morro Jable Golf Course View towards Morro Jable

The first bit of the walk is quite steep, after about an hour the terrain is quite different, having almost earth underfoot and there are lots of green plants and gold coloured lichens on the rocks.

Plants Flower

Towards the end of the walk, after about 3 hours the path becomes quite narrow and steeper. You will come to a gate which you have to unfasten and tie up again. We think this is to keep out the goats which would eat the abundant plants and shrubs that grow particularly well here. There are quite a few small lizards around too.

Goat Lizard

Once at the top, and you have recovered, you will be treated to fabulous views to the beaches round Cofete and, if you lean a little further over by clinging to the large boulders, you have views of the Villa Winter. After a rest and a bite to eat the walk back is quite quick as it is almost all downhill.


Cofete and beyond

You may want to check the Fuerteventura Weather before you go.

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Head uphill at this roundabout

Path up to the peak
Path up to the distant peak

Litchen on the rocks
Lichen on the rocks


Collapse at the peak

Clouds over Cofete beach
Clouds over Cofete beach

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