Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura

Puerto del Rosario is the capital of Fuerteventura, and has around 40,000 inhabitants. It is based around a port that has grown from its humble origins as the Puerto del Cabras (port of the goats) into a busy working port that continues to develop. There has been recent improvements so that large cruise ships can dock and also Playa Chica, the local beach has recently been improved by making it triple the original size, for the benefit of residents and the visitors from the cruise ships.

Until recently, little of the activity in the capital of Fuerteventura was based on tourism, but this is slowly changing as the Cabildo and other governmental bodies are actively seeking to raise the capitals profile in terms of tourism. A tourist information office, in the form of a kiosk, was opened on the "promenade", close to the harbour. The entire sea front in Puerto del Rosario continues to be developed and improved.

Puerto del Rosario is easily visited from other parts of the island as buses run to Puerto del Rosario from all the major towns on Fuerteventura. A bus journey to Puerto del Rosario to Caleta de Fuste takes around 20 minutes and to Corralejo about 40, with
services to and from both, every half an hour. The bus station was opened in 2008, and from there you can get a bus all around the island.

If you are considering a shopping trip it is worth bearing in mind that lots of the shops close for the siesta. However, the Las Rotundas Shopping Centre is open from 10am - 10 pm from Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday). It is located on the south side of the town next to the main road which links Puerto del Rosario and the airport. The main entrance is next to the Sundial roundabout. The shopping centre 2 levels of underground car parking (free parking), and four floors of commercial businesses with around 100 units There is a large supermarket, with shops of adult fashion, children's fashion, shoes, jewellers, beauty, leisure and sports, electrical and mobile
phones etc. There are several cafes and restaurants too, and a Burger King on the top floor.

The main public buildings and church are located around the pedestrianised Primero de Mayo street, which is becoming increasingly popular now that it has been pedestrionised with serveral street cafes.

An increasing number of cruise ships are stopping in the capital on Canary Islands tours during the winter months and in the summer too.

Puerto del Rosario is a good place to practise speaking Spanish and allows an insight into the daily life of Fuerteventurans, or at least those that live in this "city". The Fuerteventuran accent is quite different to the standard Spanish that is used on language course tapes, but if you are talking about food and cerveza, it is not too difficult to follow.

One interesting feature of the capital is the statues that are to be found around the town. These form part of an open air exhibition and many have been produced during competitions that are held in the capital. A booklet, Puerto del Rosario on Foot, is available at the tourist office, and gives a guided route around the town.

Carnival time is important to the residents of Puerto del Rosario and the spring celebrations are held in mid February.

To see photographs of the carnival visit the Puerto del Rosario carnival queen .Part of the carnaval in Puerto is an event called Los Achipencos, a sort of raft race. To see photographs of los achipencos visit the Los Achipencos

Statue in Puerto del Rosario.

Fairly recently the Palacio de Formacion Congresos has opened which has an auditorium where attractions such as the Moscow Ballet's performance of Swan Lake can be seen during their winter tour 1915/16. There is also an ice show called Alegria held near the bus station over this Christmas.

Here is a guide to some of the fiestas on the island, but these are subject to change.

Place Fiesta of Date
Puerto del Rosario Nuestra senora del Rosario 7th October
Ampuyenta San Pedro Alcantara 19th October
Castillas del Angel Santa Ana 26th July
El Matorral San Juan 24th June
El Time Nuestra Senora de la Merced 24th September
Guisguey San Pedro 29th June
La Asomada Nuestra Senora de Fatima 13th May
La Matilla Nuestra Senora del Sirocco 7th August
Llanos de la Concepcion Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion 15th August
Los Estancos Santa Rita 23rd May
Puerto Lajas Procession of Nuestra Senora del Pino 12th October
Tefia Santa Monica 4th May
San Agustin 28th August
Tetir Santo Domingo 4th August
San Andres 30th November
Las Parcelas San Andres 1st Sunday in December

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Cruise ship in port

Cruise ship in port

Puerto del Rosario, Militory History, Fuerteventura

Puerto del Rosario, Militory History.

Puerto del Rosario aeriel view

Puerto del Rosario aeriel view

Playa Chica, Puerto del Rosario

Playa Chica

Ayuntamiento, Puerto del Rosario

Ayuntamiento/town hall

Bus station

Bus station

Palacio de Formacion Congresos.jpg

Palacio de Formacion Congresos and Ticket Office

Municipal Pool

Municipal Pool


Alegria, Christmas Ice Show

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