Punta de Jandia, Fuerteventura

Punta de Jandia is not the southermost point on Fuerteventura, but it is furthest from the northernmost point. All perfectly logical if you look at a map.

The road between Morro Jable and the lighthouse at Punto de Jandia is tarmacked for about a kilometre at each end. The rest of it consists of a track that is not difficult going, but you need to bear in mind the usual reminder about hire cars not necessarily being insured on such roads.

There is no particular need to drive quickly, and there are several tracks down to isolated beaches, which may be worth a visit. If you cannot see a car at the bottom of the track then the beaches are probably empty. The drive along the track takes about an hour at a sensible speed.

Pico de la Zarza

The highest mountains on the island are to be found in the Jandia range and they are just high enough to cause clouds to form around the peaks. This means that the scenery changes throughout the day and the trip back looks has different scenery to the outward journey.

Pueblo de la Cruz

Just before the point where the light house is to be seen there is a small village called Pueblo de la Cruz, which has a couple of restaurants. There is a small beach here, we don't know what it's like for swimming as we didn't try it out.

When you get to the lighthouse, which was being maintained by a gang of Fuerteventura Cabildo workmen when we visited, there is a small car park. Most people park here and have a wander around for 15 minutes or so, usually walking over to the triangulation point, about 150 metres away.

You can fit in a trip to Cofete on the same day, but this makes it a bit of a rush, and involves another 20 kilometres or so of driving and the track to Cofete goes over the hills,and as it's single track most of the way, it requires a higher level of concentration. We would suggest going to either one or the other on a particular day.

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Towards Punto de Jandia
Towards Punto de Jandia

 The lighthouse
The lighthouse, (hiding the cabildo workmen)

Towards the restaurants, Fuerteventura
Towards the restaurants

One of the restaurants
One of the restaurants

Plant life on Fuerteventura
Plant life on Fuerteventura

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