Who are Sabre?

The first choice for security installations on Fuerteventura and used by leading Tour Company’s, Estate Agents, Property Management Company’s, Insurance Brokers and Community Presidents & Administrators.

Being centrally located on the island Sabre can respond to any request for assistance anywhere on Fuerteventura

Following 30 years of continuous Security experience in London and SE England Sabre has been established on Fuerteventura since 2005 and has earned an increasing reputation for quality, reliability and integrity amongst a growing number of satisfied clients.

What Sabre can do

Sabre supply and install the following products and services:-

Cash Safes

Computer Safes

Digital locks

Smoke Detectors

Sabre Security fit door and window LOCKS

Key operated Window locks

Door locks and replacements


Unique sliding door/window locks

Door cylinders and replacements

Access gained to property due to lost / broken keys or door closed behind you.

Additionally Sabre can have Window/door shutters, window/door security grills and Intruder Alarms fitted at your request.

Sabre Key Secure are also a secure key holding facility.

I am also a qualified (UK) electrician and install external security, or garden, lighting systems controlled by either timers or movement detectors. This is in addition to the normal lights and sockets home owners might require.

What Sabre offer

Sabre carry out free ‘No Obligation’ security surveys and can normally provide ‘on the spot’ quotations based on Insurance Industry ‘minimum security requirements’.

Phone (0034) 680 391 823


e-mail Sabre NOW

to book your FREE survey.

You & Home Insurance

It is a popular misconception that because you pay an annual Insurance premium you are fully insured. WRONG.

In my experience as a security installer on Fuerteventura since 2005 and having worked on dozens of different complexes, communities and private villas I would estimate that possibly 90% of the property in its ‘built’ state would NOT meet a minimum security requirement for insurance purposes.

That is why many insurance policies (termed Exclusions) stipulate a minimum level of security required within the insured property and failure to meet these requirements could mean that a claim following a burglary may not be accepted under your policy have paid your premium but you are Not insured.

Alternatively other insurance policies and some that you cannot read i.e. Spanish ( why sign the document if you cant read it and don’t know what it says?) don’t stipulate minimum security levels but state ’it is the duty of the insured to take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage’ This means the responsibility lies with you to enhance the security level of the property yourself. In this case a claim against a burglary can be dismissed on the basis of ‘ you have failed to secure the property and protect the goods within it’,.. again you have paid your premium but you are Not insured . This could stretch to include ‘renters’ as well who, unless they have adequate personal or holiday insurance, are not insured either.

If the requirements as stated in your policy document are met cover is valid, if these requirements are not met …..

Insurance companies are known to apply the conditions of insurance as per policy wording. Whether you like it or not, you Must do what the policy tells you to do, Secure Your Property, otherwise you are relying on the generosity of your insurer, something insurers are not renowned for !

Security is essential not only to maintain your insurance but general piece of mind especially if the property is a holiday home and has periods of not being occupied..

Sabre Security can cost effectively protect your property and offer a ‘no obligation’, free of charge, Insurance based security survey of your property.

We are insurance recommended !

Security Fencing Security Grill
Security Fencing and Security Grills

Key Operated Handle
Key Operated Handle

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Cash Safe
Cash Safe

Sliding window/door key operated bolt
Sliding window/door key operated bolt

Digital Lock
Digital Lock

Push button bolt
Push button bolt


Window Bolts
Window Bolts

Additional Locks
Additional Locks

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