Tarajalejo, Fuerteventura

Tarajalejo is becoming quite a large town, spreading out from the original fishing village, which nestled in the lee of the hills to its east.

The hotel Tofio was built adjacent to both the old village and the sea, and the main road originally ran along the coast. The position of the main road has now been changed so that it runs to the north of the hotel and fishing village. A newer development is being built to the north of this road and at the moment, a new layout to the junctions is being created.

There is a large beach, mainly pebbles with some black sand. It is over a kilometre long and averages a width of 45 metres. An old photograph shows that there was an attempt to change it, from its original black sand and pebbles, to a golden sandy beach, but nature wasn't in agreement!

The quay and its sheletered water lies beneath the headland to the east of the town. The quay has a bench built along its length, and in the rocks at the side of the quay, you can see a lot of quite large crabs.

Besides the hotel Tofio, there are a couple of small apartment blocks that have views towards the sea. There are several restaurants and bars in the old town, which maintains its Spanish feel, possibly because the newer part of the town is some distance away on the other side of a busy road.

There is a large town square, where the townsfolk gather during Fiestas etc. The town's annual Fiesta, in celebration of the Sacred Heart, is around the 8th May.

Tarajalejo Headland

Tarajalejo Tarajalejo

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Tarajalejo Quay - The newest part of town

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Tarajalejo Main Street
Tarajalejo, old town

Tarajalejo  Town Square
Tarajalejo Town Square

View of Tarajalejo
View of Tarajalejo

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