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Xtra Musica is an independent radio station broadcasting on the 97.4 FM and bringing you only the best music of the 80´s the 90´s and today´s hits.

At Xtra Musica it´s all about the music and we bring it to you the new way “MAXIMUM MUSIC – MINIMUM TALK”.

Xtra Musica is a radio station with one of the most varied music formats on the FM band. We don´t work with over-researched “corporate radio” play lists, but with songs manually selected by music freaks.

Xtra Musica is all about quality, it´s all about reliability, it´s about being able to listen to your favorite music 24/7.

So if you’re a music fanatic, and you´re looking to discover great new music, and rediscover “FORGOTTEN” tracks that you will “NEVER” hear on other radio stations, then XTRA MUSICA is definitly for you!!!!!!

Xtra Musica…..a sizzling mix you’ve never heard before!!!!

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