bird bird

bird sea lion show

sea lion show sea lion show

giraffe snake

larger snake

Then some more animals before the crocodile show.

Baby Crocodile Crocodile

Crocodile crocodile

The show was brilliant, and the crocodiles have a great enclosure. You can watch them float by with just nostrils and eyes above the water. On both wet and dry land they are well camouflaged.


A few more animals then we went to see the wild bird show

wild bird show wild bird show

Snowy Owl Tussle

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Here you can see some of the birds that are in the zoo. There is a large enclosure that you can walk into. It's very much like a jungle in there.

Sea Lion show

Sea Lion show

Sea Lion show

The first show that we went to see was the sea lions. They are housed in a series of interconnecting pools.




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