Costa Calma, Fuerteventura


Costa Calma is a true beach resort, having been built adjacent to a mile long section at the start of the white sandy beaches that run for about twelve miles from Costa Calma to Morro Jable. The colourful seas that lap the shores of this part of Fuerteventura are relatively benign and the area as a whole is very popular with beach lovers and wind surfers.

Costa Calma Hotels

The beach-front part of the resort runs from the Hotel Rio Calma, a very swish affair, with its own waterfall, fresh water pool at the edge of the sea, and opulent gardens, to the Hotel Esmerelda, which though a little less secluded has the benefit of being closer to the wind surf schools and other activity centres of Costa Calma.

The sea front between these two hotels has a range of other hotels and aparthotels with various star or key ratings that allow easy access to the shore. None of the hotels that are not on the shoreline are a great distance from the sea and their slightly elevated position gives then good views of Costa Calma and the surrounding dunes.

Costa Calma's development.

Costa Calma was built around a small village called Cañada Del Rio, though it is now difficult to see how the original pueblo fitted into the landscape. The attraction for the tourism industry was the sandy beaches, but care was taken when the resort was being developed to make sure that countryside did not disappear under concrete. The built up areas of Costa Calma are separated from each other by a green zone that runs the length of the resort. This provides a haven for wildlife, and we spotted several European Hoopoes. This greenbelt provides a pleasant area to walk through during the day, but on a dark night it is a little spooky. It does not take too much imagination to feel that any second the trees are likely to talk to you.

A new paved walkway has been buit between the greenbelt and the main road, and this links the shopping centre and development at the south of the village to the centre. It is also lit up at night.

The length of the resort means that it is no real central area to Costa Calma, but there are several small shopping centres with restaurants and shops that act as a nucleus for the immediate vicinty.

One of the events in Costa Calma that does act as a focal point is the Sunday morning market. This is a colourful, crowded affair that starts about 9 and carries on until early afternoon. The whole range of goods that you would expect to find on a holiday island is available from the stallholders who represent numerous nationalites.

Costa Calma Beach

The beach at Costa Calma, which is cleaned daily, is long enough for early morning joggers to have a decent workout by running the length of it a couple of times.

Early each morning joggers, nordic walkers (nordic walking involves the use of poles similar to those used by skiers) and swimmers can be seen taking their morning excercise. Later in the day the beach at Costa Calma has more of a relaxed feel to it as the sunbathers relax in the sunshine.

The tourists in Costa Calma seem to be largely German. This is evident in that when we bought a drink in a bar the cost was often quoted in German. Many of the cafes emphasize their German ownership, and the entertainment tends to be in German rather than English.

Costa Calma Walkway

A pathway through the green zone in Costa Calma.

Bird spotting site, Costa Calma

A tree full of European Hoopoes.


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Costa Calma Beach

An aeriel view of Costa Calma

Early morning joggers on the beach at Costa Calma

The Hotel Rio Calma Waterfall

One of the many shopping centres

Wind power generators at sunset

Well maintained beach

Costa Calma's Sunday Market

Sunday Market Stall

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