Working at the Perrera Municipal in Puerto del Rosario

After working almost eight years at an insurance company I felt I needed a longer break then the usual one, two or three weeks holiday. That’s when I decided to take a three month’s leave and to live Fuerteventura to work at the local dog pound (Perrera Municipal). I already knew Fuerteventura because I spent a one week holiday there. I instantly liked the island and back home I started thinking of a way to spend more time there. At that time I was working one day a week as a volunteer at a cat shelter in Holland. So the link was quickly made: living on a beautiful, sunny island and helping stray animals.

After a few months of preparations the day finally came that I could leave wet, cold and windy Holland. In one week time I drove from Holland to Cadiz. I took my time to make the journey, doing a bit of sightseeing and visiting Madrid. In Cadiz I took the Trasmediterranea Ferry to Gran Canaria and the last Ferry (Naviera Armas) brought me to the island where I arrived at November 1st last year. One of the first things to do was getting the key to my apartment at Caleta Paraiso in Nuevo Horizonte. I was delighted when I first entered my home for the next ten weeks. A lovely and cosy apartment with a sea view balcony, owned by Sue (yes, the lady that runs this site…)

The following weeks I worked an average of four days a week at the dog pound at Puerto del Rosario. A few years ago a German organisation called Tierhilfe Fuerteventura took over this dog pound from the local government. Until that time the dogs were hardly looked after and the dogs that were brought in were put to sleep after twenty one days when the owner didn’t come to get them. After the German organisation took over, this practise stopped. Nowadays, the dogs are given all the care they need. They are castrated, vaccinated and given an identification chip. Their character and behaviour are studied so a good match can be made with their future owners. Most of the dogs are rehomed in Germany. Around twenty to thirty dogs a month are flown to Germany. They travel with German holidaymakers. Some of the dogs already have a new owner when they land in Germany, other go to temporary foster families. My work at the dog pound mainly consisted of cleaning the runs, doing a lot of laundry, feeding the dogs, going for a walk with them and, last but not least, cuddle with them and giving them the extra attention they need.

Four days of working leaves three days of being just a regular tourist. In my spare time I visited the markets in Corralejo and Caleta, climbed the Pico del Zarza, took a look at the shipwreck of the American Star, went to the beach at Morro Jable and Puerto del Rosario (Playa Blanca), took a look at the caves of Ajuy, went shopping here and there and did a lot of other things. At night I went out in Caleta , Puerto del Rosario or spent some time at the pub that forms the entrance to Caleta Paraiso.

But as they say: time flies when you’re having fun. And much too quickly came the day that I had to return home again. Holland welcomed me with freezing cold and black ice on the roads and it took me some time to get used to living indoors again most of the time. So all in all I had a great time on Fuerteventura and I’m quite certain that in the future more and maybe even longer stays on the island will follow. I may even end up living in Fuerteventura.

Petra now lives in Fuerteventura and works at a vets.


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